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Gambling seems to take precedence these days, with many competitions having numerous odds that are always referred to. Be it in sports or in political betting, when one wants to know the probability of success, they always consult the odds. Odds and probability are what make up the success for each candidate or team or win and therefore have crafted modern day culture to become more attuned to gambling. Novelty betting has become increasingly more popular as sports gambling, whilst not losing its appeal, has needed to expand outside the industry and to make the most of the various competitions and events that consumers wish to participate in, willing to shell out their hard earned money on the knowledge that they are making a bet. Political gambling has become a strongly contested and very heavily analysed, by pundits and citizens, with the election of political figures seen as a significant milestone in a countries history as well as a major event that acts as a precursor to future developments.

Political BettingIn the United Kingdom, there are no elections on the monarch; therefore the Queen’s place cannot be contested, allowing for no possibilities for any gambling opportunities. However, the appointed Prime Minister and their cabinet are elected in, ensuring a hot and exceptional race to the finish which is viewed nationwide. The premise of political betting is however not restrictive of the appointment of a new party and Prime Minister, but can also extend to smaller facets of politics even in smaller areas which could be considered to have no real emphasis to foreigners. Even a somewhat reticulated event such as the London Mayoral Election is still enough to garner a significant tally of punters and generous odds. Furthermore, there are also other events to bet on, such as whether or not Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are likely to appear at next year’s Ladbrokes World Championship Final, a dart event. So far the odds are at 25/1 that the royal couple will be present at the event.

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Despite the stern regulations on gambling in the country, there is still no let off to the fact that the people of the United Kingdom love to gamble, to bet it all, to add more spice and excitement to every event possible and to make the most of opportunity, seizing it within their grasp. If sports events are not enough to show how much it has become a part of the culture, the depth it has become ingrown into everyday lives should be enough to attest to this.

Political BettingResearch and education provides valuable tools when you try to find good election bets with the best prices, and political betting is not only here to stay but provides excitement, controversy and above all opportunity. The opportunity for knowledge is one of the key figures that drive this industry forward. Through the optimistic promise of winning, those who are making educated guesses on winners are doing just that; educating themselves. Gathering more information on what is happening before making their bets, punters are gathering a great understanding of the politics involved in their country, becoming more aware and involved and helping to propel their political forces in the right direction.