Eurovision Betting

One of the longest running television networks in the world and also among the list of favourite betting opportunities by punters is the Eurovision Song Contest wherein active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) submits a song that will be performed live. To determine the most popular song in the contest, votes are cast. The competition happens annually and this year, the event will be held on the 26th of May. Eurovision was inaugurated in 1956 and up to now it is still widely popular with it being the most watched non-sporting event in the world. Internationally, the number of people viewing the competition is around 100-600 million. The show is also broadcasted in many countries in the world despite them not being a member of the countries performing in the show. Also, the show has been broadcasted in the internet since 2000 and has attracted many fans of the Eurovision betting which is more prominent online as bookmakers who take advantage of the popularity of the show are all over the internet. Tens of thousands of people in 140 countries watched the 2006 edition online making it a success.

Eurovision BettingThe logo of the Eurovision has a heart in the middle as the ‘V’ for vision and in the middle of it the flag of the current host is displayed. This year it will be at Baku, Azerbaijan following the country’s win last year for Eldar & Nigar’s “Running Scared”. The contest has two semi finals. The first one will be on the 22nd of May and the next on the 24th of May. The semi finals is made to narrow down the number of the countries from 85 to 26 countries that will compete for victory. The number is quite big for a punter who wants to try their luck on the Eurovision betting but that’s what makes it more fun. The risk is greater but so is the prize provided that they have found good deals given by bookmakers.

Due to the popularity of the competition, bookmakers have tried their best to attract bettors to place their bets on them. This has resulted to many stunts and promos widely available online. Betting news and odds are also listed on their websites to help the punters decide on who they think will be the winner. The odds, however likely it seem doesn’t guarantee that it would be the sure winner, however it does help with decision making.

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Eurovision BettingThis year’s Eurovision is much awaited just as it was every year. Fans and bettors alike couldn’t wait for the event to unfold as it gives great entertainment. Punters and bookmakers are already preparing for the semi finals of Eurovision, and as the Eurovision betting odds are being finalized, everyone’s expecting that this year’s contest will generate the largest betting turnover in the history of competition because it has reached its popularity peak, being known and acclaimed in the world. The theme for the 2012 Eurovision is “Light Your Fire”, an inspiring theme ablaze despite the political and economical turmoil in Europe.

Winner of Eurovision 2012 – Euphoria by Loreen (Sweden)