Miss World Betting

Betting over beautiful women coming from different countries, strutting their stuff in the stage may seem controversial but let’s all admit it, it is a guilty pleasure everyone loves to do. If we bet on cock fights and horse races, why wouldn’t we bet on who will win the annual Miss World? That question is already answered by those who don’t fail to follow the show and express their favourites. Whether some like it or not the Miss World betting happens at the same time as the show itself and there’s a vast array of audience willing to spend their money on who they think is the best.

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Miss World BettingThe estimated number of viewing figures of the Miss World Pageant is around two billion, one third of the entire population of the world, anticipating the crowning ceremony. All eyes are fixated on the beautiful women from over 100 countries and even those who are not participating in any Miss World betting would love to watch competition as the battle of wits and beauty clash. We were all exposed to this kind of reality betting ever since but we just haven’t realized it at that time probably due to some who had viewed it as politically incorrect. However, due to the large audience, it is now considered as men’s entertainment, apart from the fact that ladies in tight clothing are already entertaining.

The pageant is televised around summer and you can bet that websites are ready for the pour of the bets on who will win the Miss World Competition. One can see on the betting sites the odds of who has the most bets on who will win the Miss World crown and this would give the best idea on who should you place your votes on. However, most people tend to support the participant that came from their country. Others however, rely on the looks, charisma and their own gut feeling. The betting for the Miss World pageant will surely be exciting for everyone. The 2012 Miss World Pageant is happening on the 18th of August in Ordos, China.

Miss World BettingFollowing the semi finals of the Miss World Pageant will you an idea on who should you place your bets on; there are Fast Track events such as the Miss Talent, Beach Beauty, Miss Sports and many more where women participating will showcase all their talents and beauty. In these events, you will determine your favourite participant. There are also many Miss World betting guides available online wherein you will see some of the backgrounds and abilities of the most popular women making it easy for you to pick the right one who will most likely win the pageant. Betting odds will also give you an idea on who is the top pick of other betting enthusiasts. You can either join in the bandwagon or pick your own. Whichever that is, the Miss World Pageant is truly an exciting time for everyone as viewers all over the world cheer for that beautiful woman who will represent their country. Those who are into betting will no doubt have fun too!