Betfair Review

Outstanding Features
  • Better prices than most UK bookies
  • Largest Betting Exchange
  • Winner of multiple awards
  • Great promotions
Quick Facts
  • Sign Up Bonus: £25
  • Match %: 100%
  • Minimum Bet: 1
  • Limits:
  • Mobile Availabilty: No
About Betfair

Betfair is currently the world’s largest Internet betting exchange and one of the premium bookmakers available. It is located in Hammersmith, West London, England and offshores with a license based in Gibraltar. It was founded at the start of the new century in 2000 and currently employs around 2300 people worldwide with 1200 in the United Kingdom.

Bonuses and Promotions

New members are offered additional funds to help start their gambling venture through the use of a promotion code that can get them a 25 pound free bet for 1000 pound in cash back (see bookie for more details). One of the main promotion upkeeps of Betfair is the use of promotional codes. They release new codes monthly that easily help members to get the best of bargains which include free betting amounts and also deposit bonuses that range frm 100% to 200% in some cases.

Betting Coverage

The coverage that Betfair provides is quite comprehensive, ranging from racing to sports betting. Events such as football matches, cricket, basketball and all other popular sports are easily accessible through their services. For racing events, members can easily make wagers on horse racing and even greyhound racing. Due to the popularity of the sport in the United Kingdom and the easy accessibility, this makes it much easier for them to provide a wider scope for betting opportunity for members.

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Languages & Currencies

Betfair accept and operates under all major currencies such as the UK Sterling, Euro, US Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Danish Krone, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krona and also the Singapore Dollar. Languages are available in all of the major tongues including English, Spanish, Italian, Portugese or German as a small selection of their wide list and also features some that others may not include, such as Suomi and even Canadian English.

Banking and Support

Banking is easy with Betfair through the various payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. Members can pay via debit or credit card with any of the strong providers such as MasterCard, Visa or Maestro. If they want to pay otherwise they can still use the services of Paypal, Moneybookers, Western Union or even via a Cheque or Bank Transfer. Support is top notch with a comprehensive FAQ guide. If these methods are not helpful enough then members can opt to call them over the phone, chat via email or consult the helpful staff via live chat support.


Betfair is a strong competitive online bookmaker that has continued professionally despite slumps in the gambling market and has maintained a strong presence despite tough competition. The favourable coverage is a definite strength in their favour and they have a large selection of help and support to ensure that all members are satisfied with the quality and quantity of their service. Betfair is one of the top selected bookmakers located in the United Kingdom.

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