BAFTA Betting

Double the enjoyment of seeing the films joining in the British Academy Film Awards and point at your best pick on who will win the most popular and prestigious titles of best actor, best actress, best director, best original screen play and best film. The awards will be given by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). This year is the 65th BAFTAs that will take place on the 12th of February 2012. The BAFTAs is the British version of the Oscars and the first event took place in 1947. Each winner will be given a theatrical mask designed by American sculptor Mitzi Cunliffe. For betting enthusiasts, BAFTA betting guides and odds are now available online.

BAFTA BettingThe BAFTAs shortlist will also serve as a great guide in deciding on BAFTA Betting since it would pick the best film and people on each category, narrowing down the choices. On each category there would be five nominated films and artists. It would be great to watch the films and act as a critic to decide on where or whom to place your bets on. If a movie has plenty of nominations, chances are one, two, or maybe three awards would go to that movie. However, make sure to pick the right one and be happy with it once and for all. Aside from the awards listed above, there are more awards in the sub-categories that can be bet on, totaling to 12 awards. The choices for betting seem endless, but once you have critiqued the movies and the actors and actresses yourself and with the odds and guides online, betting would be easier.

The picks of those awaiting the awards due to their bets will have to exercise their judgment on the best films of the last year. The best film category is the most popular category and this year would be difficult to judge as last years’ films are truly worth every while. Some of this year’s BAFTA Awards films included in the nominations are The Artists, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Drive. UK Bookmakers are as excited as the film enthusiasts to focus on who will win the golden masks aside from focusing on their usual pro sports. The BAFTAs is a big event awaited by many movie fans and critics.

BAFTA BettingIt is a common knowledge that in big film awards ceremonies such as this, the most popular and successful films based on market demand will take the awards. It is not difficult to participate in the annual BAFTA betting as it can be easily tackled by a little bit of research. Look back over the last year and find out which films earned the most money, which actors and actresses took the headlines and which of the films earned the most public support. Also, it won’t hurt to check the ratings and reviews of the films by popular review sites. Usually, they would be you an idea on the screenplay and rendition of the acts that one wouldn’t notice as easily. However, the best pick will come from your own judgment and always have faith on your top picks and favourites.