Mercury Music Prize Betting

The Mercury Music Prize, or more popularly known as the Mercury Prize is an annual music prize award given for the best album in UK and Ireland. Many people look forward to this event in hopes that their favorite artist would snatch the prize, not only that, bettors also keep a keen eye on the awards due to their most awaited Mercury Music Prize betting which serves as a fun pastime for both the music and gambling fan. This year, 12 albums have been nominated for the 2012 album award and currently The Kaiser Chief is on the lead. The Mercury Prize was established by the British Phonographic Industry and the British Association of Record Dealers in 1992. The Music Prize was created as an alternative to the Brit Awards but unlike the latter which has more than a dozen awards, the Music Prize focuses only on the best album of the year. The Mercury Prize is sponsored by companies and right now Barclaycard is the sponsor which makes it the Barclaycard Mercury Prize.

Mercury Music Prize BettingThe nominations are chosen by a group of popular figures in the music industry such as musicians, music executives and news and lifestyle journalists who cover such events. It was stated that the Mercury Prize has a reputation of giving the awards to the people’s less favourite probably because of the observation that those bands whose albums are nominated or win suddenly experienced a surge of album sales especially those nominees that are not very popular yet. Most of the winners and nominees aren’t that known outside of UK and Ireland. Some popular bands such as Radiohead, didn’t even won an award despite being nominated a couple of times.

This observation led to the fact that the Mercury Music Prize betting is not a piece of cake especially if people rely to the band’s popularity and sales. It would be like blindly hitting on a target unlike betting in the Brit Awards that focus mainly on who gets the loudest cheer, the most popularity and the most sales. However, this kind of betting is the type of real betting at its finest; the one where you would feel like you’re truly gambling. Others may find this a challenge and go with it while others will find an easy target and hit that. Music and gambling fans however may choose to place a bet on their favourite simply by trusting their instincts and music tastes. Here, the focus is not on winning but rather, supporting the artist they love.

Mercury Music Prize BettingThere are many sites that offer betting on the Music Prize and many other awards. These are called Novelty bets, much unlike sports and horse racing bets. Unlike those stressful betting opportunities, novel betting is a fun and relaxed way of betting. Still, that’s up to the person to decide. There are many other music betting that are the same with the Mercury Music Prize betting but this one is truly exciting as the winners can’t be anticipated that easily. However, the sites that offer novelty bets has odds which you can check so one would know if he or she is betting on the real thing. The rest though, is up to the amount of luck you got in your pockets.