Golden Globe Betting

If awards are given for excellence in music, naturally, awards are given too for excellence in film and television. The Golden Globe Award is an award bestowed by 93 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HPFA) for both domestic and foreign film and television. If close to a hundred judges are deciding for the award, there are millions of viewers who are deciding by betting. Viewers place their bets for the Golden Globe betting for who they think would be the award winners. The award giving begun in 1944 and currently, the awards is on its 69th year. The award receives worldwide telecast in 167 countries worldwide and it is the third most watched awards show each year behind Oscars and Grammy awards. The Golden Globe Awards is a prestigious award with a good cause as revenues generated from the annual ceremony are donated to entertainment-related charities. The awards also support scholarships and programs for future film and television professionals.

Golden Globe BettingMany people have been drawn to watch the awards as the awards give motion picture awards as well as television awards which the people follow to see if their favourite shows would receive the prized trophy. This also drives the people to place bets on popular novelty betting sites. Many sites offer betting for almost anything that catches the people’s interest and the Golden Globe Award is certainly included. Viewers anticipate the awards and look at the odds of who or which movie or show would win a certain award, after some thorough deciding, they would place their bets on the Golden Globe betting and when the time of the awards come, they sit back tensed, hoping that they are right on their bets.

When betting for the Golden Globes, one must consider the popularity of a show, the actor and actresses included. Meryl Streep, a tried and tested actress holds the record for the most competitive wins at eight while Barbra Streisand holds the record for the most honorary awards with 11 wins. Bettors must be their own critic before placing a bet so they would be assured that their money won’t go into a waste. Avid fans of novelty betting watch the TV shows and movies that are nominated, look at profiles of the actors and actresses and read the reviews published online. These will give a bettor an inkling on who to bet on especially if they aren’t really followers of a certain TV show. What the people say and what the reviews say can greatly help a bettor to decide.

Golden Globes Betting Odds – Best Motion Picture (Drama)

Best Motion Picture (Comedy/Musical)

Best Director

Golden Globe BettingBettors hooked in novelty betting can easily decide on which to bet on especially since they’re in the game for so long and can understand odds and whatnot. Starters however, would have a rough start but some good researching would do the trick. Bettors who are interested in film and television would surely have an easy time in the Golden Globe betting since they would be only relying on their own wants and favourites, making the betting fun and worth the while. It is important to have a little bit of research though as to which one is the people’s choice because most of the time, the judges go for that.