F1 Betting

F1 or Formula One is the highest class of single seater automobile racing sanctioned by a governing body known as the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). One of the most well known aspects of Formula One is the specific shape and style of their automobiles, which are unique specifically to the racing establishment and known all over the world. Formula One race cars are designed to handle high speeds and tighter cornering, each one screaming louder than a banshee as they rip through the course and weave in and out of each curve. Companies such as Ferrari and McLaren have become household names through their creation of vehicles and especially well known for their F1 race car designs. Furthermore, the excitement of the sport is intensified by F1 Betting, with participants and viewers able to gamble on the outcome of races such as the Grand Prix in a long race which tests speed, endurance and also driver ingenuity.

F1 BettingFormula 1 originated from within European Grand Prix Motor Racing from the 1920s to 1930s. The name of Formula One also originated from a ‘formula’ in which all participating cars had to meet in order to compete in the race, which included aspects such as the vehicle being open wheeled and a single seater. Agreed after the 2nd World War, the first races of F1 began as non-championship and were held in 1946. Non-championship races occurred on and off during these years until 1983 when events reached high costs that forced them into retirement, where championship Formula One continued. The spectacle has developed F1 betting as a popular addition to the events as well as turning the series of races into a high class, well respected and well managed event that takes place very year as a season in which competitors face off to become the World Drivers champion and also represent their team.

Modern Formula One racing has produced some great and inspiration drivers. Regardless of whether or not you are a fan of Formula One or racing in general, the names of the most successful drivers have become fairly well known. People such as Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher take the cake as some of the events most prestigious winners in recent years, with former champion Michael Schumacher winning an astounding five consecutive times from the 2000 season to 2004. The rise of F1 racing has also given way for comprehensive betting markets for Formula 1, which is becoming increasingly more and more popular as people look to spice up the racing experience and attempt to predict a winner as well as appreciate the thrill of the ride.

F1 BettingNot a year goes by that there is not an exciting and noteworthy Formula One Grand Prix that exemplifies skill in the field of formula racing and shows the world who the supreme team and driver are. The increasing popularity, particularly in Europe has made F1 betting very popular and has opened up more possibility for viewers to appreciate the sport just that bit more whilst gaining a slice of the action. There is always a guarantee of a fast paced adrenaline fueled event at every Grand Prix on offer and no possibilities of that ending soon.