Darts Betting

Darts, a game wherein one would throw a missile looking arrow into a dartboard and score based on where the dart landed is a very popular game among men. Now it is a professional competitive sport but apart from that, it is also a traditional pub game that men enjoy with their friends whilst drinking. It was first played approximately in the 1870s and it was first bet on in 1908 wherein there was an English law that permitted betting only on games of skill in rather than on games of chance in places for small stakes only where alcohol is consumed. An issue arose however since the magistrates of court way back thought that darts betting was prohibited. Not until they have seen for themselves that it was indeed, a game of skill when the local darts champion demonstrated the game. Today, darts fans have taken up the game to a whole new level after coming up with professional organizations that cater to professional darts competition.

Darts BettingThe World Professional Darts Championship is one of the most important tournaments in darts organized by both the British Darts Organisation (BDO) and the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). The championship is held during the Christmas or New Year’s period annually. Both BDO and PDC organize other tournaments such as the World Masters, Premiere League, UK Open, Las Vegas Dessert Classic and many more. All of these are televised live for fans who would want to see the ongoing action even though they are sitting comfortably at home. All of the leagues and championships are very familiar to darts betting fans who would annually, prepare to bet for their favourites. During the professional games, betting is very popular and many bookmaking companies sponsor the events to grab the attention of punters and allure them to place their bets on these bookmakers.

Internet betting has been the craze now for several years and many bookmakers offer almost all kinds of bets & markets for darts ranging from sports to reality TV. During the season of the professional games, many sites offer punters news and tips on the current stand of the professional players. Odds are shown on who will be the next champion. These odds and tips are the handy tools of punters on placing their bets because betting blindly in the dark is really not an option.

Darts BettingThe increased media coverage of the professional games of each of the two large organizations of darts has led to darts becoming one of the most popular betting opportunities available in the market. Sky Sports, a television network, broadcast the games live and major bookmakers televise darts betting odds garnering it thousands of viewers and punters. The mass exposure and high quality shows provided by the media has led to the popularity of the professional games. This in turn has spawned darts fans all over the world. Betting has not only been limited in viewers of Sky Sports in the United Kingdom due to available online bookmakers. Some punters place their bets, look up the odds, and stream the shows online making it possible for them to bet on professional leagues in the UK.