American Idol Betting

Every betting enthusiast in the world know about the most popular reality TV series in American history and would not waste their time stalling and betting on small time shows and events but would affix their eyes on their TV sets to judge who to bet for. One of the top things in an online sports book is the American Idol betting, a show where talented people collide to be the best singer in all of America. The show, American Idol: The Search for a Superstar debuted in 2002 in the Fox Network and since then, every season is anticipated by its millions of fans, people who want to be in the show and of course, the punters who enjoy betting on who will be the next American Idol. Odds are already available at the beginning of the show, when the judges would pick out who is in and out from the audition process wherein those who want to be in the competition give out what they have in their 15 minutes do or die fame. Thousands of contestants from all over America and from all walks of life audition in the famous show, hopeful that they will snatch a coveted place in the show.

American Idol BettingNo matter how you look at it, watching the American Idol brings such a great time. The audition process is the most humorous part of the show and we’re glad that they show I as it adds to the excitement of who will be the ones competing. In the end, seeing the before and after is great too because it is very inspiring. The experienced judges who are also in the music industry are very witty and hilarious which adds to the fun of watching the reality show. One would certainly not waste time watching and following the odds in the American Idol betting as it is surely exciting and challenging. More often than not, judges do their job really well by selecting contestants that could really ‘wow!’ them.

Weekly, one contestant would be eliminated from the show. Since all of them are really high potential singers, it’s very difficult to guess who will be going next. Punters establish their favourites early on in the show and most stand by it in the end. Others however, would consider the performance, the judges’ comments and the people’s favourites. Odds increase though as the number of contestants from 24 will be cut down to 12. A punter can never be sure of who will be eliminated though as the fate of the contestants lie in the hands of the American voters.

American Idol BettingPunters would have to use their best skills in guessing who would be out next. You can also look at the odds for the American Idol betting in many online betting sites or decide yourself upon watching the performance of the contestants. Most of the time when placing bets it would be up to you, your guts and your luck as the competition becomes harder with fewer and fewer contestants every week. The show really is gripping and overwhelming knowing that there are really super talented people out there waiting to be discovered. Overall, the show received numerous positive responses and the 11th season is very much anticipated by millions all over the globe.