Christmas Number 1 Betting

Christmas is the time of giving; this is probably the reason why when it comes to Christmas Number 1 betting, the sales are much bigger than during any other season for both the music industry and the gambling industry. The music industry is really trying hard to produce a number one hit for Christmas and the bookmakers take advantage of it by letting the people bet on which record gets to be named as the number one. The Christmas Number 1 isn’t necessarily a Christmas song, truth be told, the first Christmas song to hit the top one since 1992 is Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid 20 in 2004. It is also not necessary that a big band or singer sung the Christmas number one song. There’s the X Factor, a popular television show that airs a music competition. Due it its big success, competitors in the show can have their songs included in the list of choices for Christmas Number One.

Christmas Number 1 BettingMillions of viewers tuning in the X Factor contribute to the sales of the track. It was a tight fight though for artists competing to be for the No. 1 spot which makes it a fun Christmas Number 1 betting for gamblers. For example, when the X Factor is nearing its climax, the most popular track in the show can sell hundreds of thousands of copies only in the first week. The winner of X Factor in 2010, Matt Cardle, reached a tally of 439,000 tracks sold on the first week. This year however, the winner of X Factor, Little Mix, didn’t snatch the spot of being the best selling song on Christmas. Instead, The Military Wives with their heartfelt record called Wherever You Are inspired by letters written by husbands and boyfriends of the choir members serving in Afghanistan. So the winner of the X Factor doesn’t really determine a concrete spot at the top. The sales and the people’s favourites all played a big part in the process.

Christmas Number 1 UK Single Betting Odds

Christmas Number 1 BettingWhen the odds aren’t in the favor of the record you fancy, the risk is greater and so is the excitement. Since you won’t be able to trust the odds posted in many betting websites, all you have to do is listen to the tracks and pick them yourself. However, as the end of the judgment approaches, you can do a little research to find out who is on top when it comes to the sales department or who has the most fans. Naturally, the most bought and applauded for single will be hailed Number One.

The odds may be very well in your favor if the artist you have chosen in X Factor captures the title and it would be a very Merry Christmas for you if you have joined the Christmas Number 1 betting which is very likely if you’re an avid fan of the show and would like to support the artist of your choice. Find reputable online bookmakers to bet on so you can receive a great deal! Bookmakers can be very generous during this season.