Davis Cup Betting

The Davis Cup tennis tournament, named after the American founder of the competition, Dwight Davis, is the largest international sporting event. This prestigious event showcases the teams from 131 countries around the world to compete against each other. It is the premier international team event in men’s tennis run by the International Tennis Fedaration (ITF). Due to its popularity and prestige, it didn’t miss bookmakers’ eyes. As it pits the world’s best tennis players against each other, it has caught not only the media’s interest but the bookmakers and punters as well. Many try their luck in wagering on the outcome of the games and which nation wins the coveted Cup through the Davis Cup betting offered by many bookmakers. Like many sports betting, Davis Cup attracts worldwide attention in terms of the aspect of wagers.

Davis Cup BettingThe Davis Cup tennis tournament is based on a knockout format but there is an exception for the matches of players in the lower two regional groups as they play a round robin competition instead. Davis designed the original format which is still used today. Competition always takes place over three days, with two singles matches on day 1, a doubles match on day 2 and two more singles matches on day 3 which gives punters a lot of time and option for their Davis Cup betting decision making. The competition is broken up into the elite World Group of 16 nations, 3 regional zones (Europe/Africa, America and Asia/Oceania). Since its beginning in 1900, the Davis Cup has been won by 12 different nations. The United States has won the event the most times (32), closely followed by Australia (28 [including 4 as Australasia]), Great Britain (9 [including 5 as the British Isles]), France (9) and Sweden (7).

With regards to betting, there is much more to tennis betting than simply picking an overall champion. Professional punters are prepared to wait for the final outcome of the tournament, whereas ‘arm-chair’ punters want quick results and often bet on individual rubbers, the influence of the weather or how many aces will be served up during a specific match. The 2012 competition is currently underway and the finals will take place at the end of November. Punters however, begin placing their bets as early as now.

Davis Cup BettingMany betting sites offer tips and odds that will help in deciding for the bets to place. Some betting sites offer free Davis Cup betting and many other promos worth checking. It is advised to look at different sites and compare their offers to get the most out of your bet. Remember to check out the deals offered on the Davis Cup before making a bet and of course, don’t forget to follow the game to get an idea on the players, the field, and many more.

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