The Voice Betting

Reality television has slowly made a change from puff piece to talent showdown. Long gone are the days of watching simpletons work menial tasks in a closed off studio house. The current world population yearns to get the best of the human population and see individuals sparkle in the light. That said, talent shows have blossomed during the past few years, providing more reality television entertainment like none other before, especially where singing is involved. One such production which is also relatively new is The Voice. Not only has the event brought out a number of strong singing unknowns but sparked enticing odds for The Voice betting, so that even as the music plays you can place a wager on who you think will win.

The Voice BettingThe Voice began in Holland in 2010, though after 1 year since its inauguration it has managed to captivate the world and expand further, reaching the United States in 2011 and more recently Australia in 2012. Australia’s production of the Voice is currently the only selection that is airing, though other countries involved are not letting up nor are they providing any less prospect of strong The Voice betting during their season. Currently in the Australian version of The Voice there are over 3 million viewers per show and strong odds on some of the competitors who are battling it out. Upcoming events within the show play host to the possibility of a member going home, with bets able to be placed on who will be eliminated. At current the strongest is on Jimmy Couples to leave and Darren Percival to stay.

Whilst the singers are the main focus of the show, the celebrities do add a nice touch to the scene and add an extra incentive to watching the show. The Voice Australia is dazzled by the likes of internationally acclaimed singers Seal, Delta Goodrem, Keith Urban and Joel Madden (member of Good Charlotte). Alongside them are their own professional mentors that provide a further tap into the music industry, with people such as Darren Hayes and Ricki-Lee Coulter making appearances and helping out the contestants even further. Throughout the journey of the show, one of the better aspects when compared with other singing competitions is the connection between the singers and the celebrities to really help push them towards fame and stardom with real experience.

The Voice BettingThe Voice has hit it off in each of the countries it has been shown and each episode leads up towards the nail biting final where we will see who makes it to number one. Not only is there a great selection of songs and singers to listen to but an excellent list of The Voice betting odds for you to couple you watching experience with. Regardless of who makes it through however, there is no denying that each contestant has earned the right to feature their voice on the show.