Dancing on Ice Betting

The primetime hit Dancing on Ice shown in eight countries where celebrities and their professional skating partners show off their skills in the ice skating rink by figure skating in front of a panel of judges has not only extended their grasp to a worldwide audience but also caught the attention of many bookmakers. The skating competition has been one of the most popular in the list of bets of many bookmaker sites and bettors couldn’t resist ignoring the Dancing on Ice betting especially because it’s one where skills are shown and people can’t help but cheer and bet on who they think will be the grand winner. The previous title, Skating with Celebrities isn’t as catchy as the current name. Dancing on Ice is definitely an ear catcher and one would be tempted to see what’s in it. The best known Britain ice skating duo and former Olympic champions Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean are the ones who train the aspiring dancers so even though some of the celebrities aren’t very good at figure skating, their partners would help and guide them along equaling to a great performance.

Dancing on Ice bettingBecause of the popularity of the talent show and the celebrities in it, bookmakers took advantage of the people’s desire to bet on their favorite celebrities. Hence the Dancing on Ice betting was born. This year’s Dancing on Ice is the seventh series and celebs fight for the right to be crowned as the king or queen of ice.

It is really exciting to watch the stars dance in the ice as not everyone can do figure skating so gracefully. Watching them is inspiring that all viewers would feel like emulating them and would probably go to the nearest skating rink around their city. Throughout the show the skating duo would give comments and advice and they would also open the show with every performance since the beginning but this has stopped for some of the few shows due to Dean’s shoulder injury. This didn’t stop the show from having great performances though with its millions of viewers, fans and supporters. The talent show works by having live performances of the celebrities and their partners on each week. The three judges, also called as the Ice Panel will give out their scores from 0.0 to 10.0. The scores are tallied and combined with the public vote. The couple with the lowest votes from the judges in the end leaves the competition.

Dancing on Ice bettingOdds are available in many bookmaker sites and there are good deals available for punters. The key is to look thoroughly and the reward would be a great bet with the odds on you. Also, if you’re an avid bettor you should know better than to bet blindly. Placing a bet in the Dancing on Ice betting specials would be a piece of cake however if you’re an avid fan of the series as one would just have to see the celebs and their partners perform to know if they’re going to be eliminated or not. However, if the contestants are doing a great job dancing on ice, it might be time to flip a coin and trust your gut.