Golf Betting

Betting on a golf game is part of the game itself especially in many friendly group outings. The wager is up to the bettor and there are no requirements whatsoever; it can be as small as you want and the bets are varied making it easily chosen by many. These types of golf betting however are called betting games and side bets in golf. The general betting for golf is the one that has three types, not ten or more games. These three types are the ones available for bettors in a golf game. Bettors can wager on the golfer who will win the event, those golfers who will be placed in the top three, or that golfer who will finish higher than another golfer. These three are straight up betting opportunities without any confusing side dishes. Betting online and “offline” doesn’t really make a difference since the placement of your bets in a bookmaker is just the same, they only differ on how your bet is stored. For online, it’s in an electronic database, while for brick and mortar, some make it as quaint as pen and paper.

Golf BettingLike most betting opportunities, betting on golf is based on the odds. Bettors will look at the odds placed by the bookmakers, pick the one you fancy, and wait out the four day tournament with clammy hands and cold sweat in high hopes that your guy wins it. Those bettors who are avid fans of football, basketball and other sports betting may get confused when he first sees the golf betting board but fret not as the betting odds can be easily understood with just a few explanations and a little bit of researching. Generally, bookmakers would have a lineup of the golfers in place as well as their respective odds. The higher the odds of a player, the higher the winnings you will get if you bet on that certain player.

There are also certain bets called the “field bet”. That bet is for the winning golfer who isn’t listed in the initial lineup accompanies with odds. The field category is where the bookmakers put the player with low to no chance of winning. Some say that a field bet is a bad bet because first, the golfers on that list has a seldom chance of winning and second, the payout generated is very low compared to those golfers on the line. As a protip, the top three bet is the easiest to win out of the three because your bet has three spots to fill. Oddmakers know this though, so this type of bet isn’t really lucrative as only small odds are placed on this type of betting.

Golf BettingIf you are all set and ready to bed, you better wait for the major golf tournaments. They are not only played for by prestigious golfers, thus doubling the entertainment but you’ll get better odds during these events. These major tournaments include The Masters, The US Open, The PGA Championship and the British Open. During these events, bookmakers are out in the open waiting for your bet. Like other sporting bets, golf betting only requires a little amount of money, a little bit of thinking, and lots of luck. The only sure thing you have on this type of betting is that it is truly entertaining.