Strictly Come Dancing Betting

Finding the fellow punter’s favourite isn’t that hard with the help of the internet where bookmakers post news and odds about the happenings in reality shows included in the list of popular betting opportunities. One of these shows include the Strictly Come Dancing betting where celebrities are paired up with professional dancing partners competing in Ballroom and Latin dances. The BBC reality show begun in 2004 and since then became very popular with the viewing audience. The name of the show came from the combination of Come Dancing, a long-running series continued by the show and the film Strictly Ballroom. Come Dancing is a 1970’s Ballroom dancing programme and was a big hit then. Strictly Come Dancing or simply called Strictly or SCD is hosted by Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly. The competition begins with 14 celebrities paired with their professional partners and each week, one pair gets knocked out based on the judges’ decision and the votes of the public. It rivals the ITV hit X Factor but punters really couldn’t be bothered as most bet on the other anyway.

Strictly Come Dancing BettingThe massive interest of people in TV betting has grown so much. Novelty betting is at its peak now with hundreds of betting opportunities including a bunch of reality shows. Singing and dancing competitions found their way into the betting scenes and have surprisingly succeeded in it. The surge of punters placing their best in betting opportunities such as the Strictly Come Dancing betting has been the biggest it has ever been. It is probably because of the hype these competition cause and the inspiration people get from it. They pick out favourites and support the pair no matter what until the end. Others punters though would choose practicality as they comb bookmakers online on the odds of a show.

Bookmakers took advantage of the opportunity novel betting has given to them. Leading interactive bookmakers have dedicated their time developing TV betting pages that will surely catch the attention of punters. Of course Strictly Come Dancing is on their list as people really enjoy watching the classic ballroom show with its twists that include the salsa, foxtrot, pasa doble and tango. The unique interaction of two different dances ‘genres’ made the show big and exciting. The judges are also very keen in picking the winner every week. They don’t want to settle for anything else for the sake of all the fans of the show. Due to this, contestants are always on their toes, making sure that each performance is the best they can give.

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Strictly Come Dancing BettingNow on its upcoming 10th series, Strictly Come Dancing has captured the interest of old and young alike. Of course, the Strictly Come Dancing betting fans are also following every series of the show, making sure that no miss and no words from the judges are missed. They glue their eyes on their TV sets, watching celebrities cha-cha and rumba and ballroom in front of millions of viewers around the world. The next step is to pick their favourite and bet on who they think will be out next. The latter is a difficult task as contestants in Strictly Come Dancing take their dancing skills seriously.