Australian Open Betting

Due to the nature of the sport and the sheer number of supporters it carries forth with every event, Australian Open betting is extremely popular. Whilst betting can be competed on all participants of the tournament, a majority of it all rests on the big one, the Finals for both the Mens and Women’s single, considered the highlight of the entire tournament.

Australian Open BettingThe 2012 Men’s single took place between two of the strongest competitors in the world, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, ranked number one and two in the world, respectively. The final was highlight of the entire tournament and Australian Open betting sites had odds on the winner as extremely tight, with a minimal margin of favour for number one Djokovic. As was the be expected, Nadal did not give up and put up an amazing fight, looking to make it through, but in the end Djokovic was successful. The whole bout 5 hours and 53 minutes long, setting a record for the longest ever match in Australian Open history and longest ever Open Era final match.

The Australian Open is one of the most prestigious of Tennis Grand Slams, which takes place in Melbourne, Australia. It is one of 4 major Tennis Grand Slams which also includes the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Held annually over the last fortnight of January, this event brings in over 128 players for both the Men’s and Women’s singles, each competing to make it to the final and become the champion of the event, netting an astounding $2,000,000 in award prizes as a result. The event itself is one of the greatest in the sport of Tennis, netting in an attendance of 600,000, with 2011 reaching over 650,000 attendants. Whilst this is a high figure it is still considered 2nd to that of the US Open. Sporting events such as the Tennis gather a large number of followers to the sport, especially of those who enjoy seeing the highest class of professional tennis player take to the court and demonstrate supreme performance and control of the game. One of the great marvels with the sport is the emphasis of individuality, where each participant can show off their skills and prove to the world that they deserve to be there fighting it out amongst the greats of Tennis.

Australian Open BettingThe sport of Tennis continues to expand and impress as more and more participants succumb to the beauty of the game and join in, be it recreationally or professionally. Likewise, the popularity increase is also helping those who wish to gamble on the events, offering favourable odds for tournament events. Australian Open betting allows for participants to wager on the overall winner, winners of each round or even on smaller novelty bets such as number of unforced errors. Each year brings forth a new batch of excitement and talent to Australia. The Australian Open shows off just this and never fails to impress and provide excitement for both bookmakers and viewers, where the talents of Tennis really shine.

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