Binary Betting

If you are a bettor who wants an upright result in the end, either winning or losing only, no other dramas, turnabouts and whatnot, then you must consider a type of betting that would perfectly suit you and your wants. There are several types of betting offered by leading bookmakers in the United Kingdom and online and all you have to do is search for them. They are easily found since they wouldn’t want to be concealed from possible customers like you. As stated above, the most likely betting type you are looking for is the binary betting, a gambling that has fixed odds and the only possible outcomes are only two: win or lose. This type of betting can be used as an alternative to regular day trading and is considered as a type of a financial betting; the two other types of financial betting are Fixed odds financial betting and Floating odds financial betting. Financial betting can be used in many ways such as determining business and accounting risks but it is also used nowadays by gaming companies.

Binary BettingBinaries are designed to be easily used as it only displays the price of a bet as an odds index from 0 to 100. The bet settles in either it won’t happen for 0 and would happen for 100. One will know if it’s safe to bet if the number is large because binary betting works by the greater the number, the greater the likelihood for the event to happen. The odds of the event are based on several factors such as the time of expiry and the underlying market price. The binaries are made up as a way of speculating on the markets; those events that are likely to happen or not. Mostly, binaries are only asked with a yes or a no and the bettors would pick one answer.

The advantage of binaries is that it is gambling without tax. In the United Kingdom, gambling profit from binaries is not taxed which allows day traders to make significant profits from their market without having any tax liability. However, it is only applicable in some countries but in the United States, US traders are restricted by the US government. Binary gambling is also not covered by the usual trading regulations which means that bookmakers offering binaries can fix their prices (ask prices that are different from the agree exchange) and this type of trading can result to bookmakers earning more than what they’re supposed to.

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Binary BettingBinaries provide a large market to bet on and the waiting time is relatively shorter. There are betting markets that start and end in six hours and this is called an intraday basis. The city index offers a range of traditional index bets in the UK, US and German markets as well as FTSE markets and ‘Touch’ markets. Many people choose binary betting because it is fast moving, the risk is limited (from the outset, loss is already figured out), and it has many options for time: hourly, intraday and weekly which means results will be known very quickly.