Royal Ascot Betting

The Royal Ascot is considered the main centrepiece of Ascot’s year. Ascot Racecourse is a famous location used for thoroughbred horse racing, situated in Ascot, Berkshire, United Kingdom. Amongst the events it undertakes as a racecourse, certain events take precedence over others. Dating back to 1711, the Royal Ascot event was founded by Queen Anne and created as a race meeting. Every year, the Royal Ascot is attended by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and various other members of the British Royal Family, carried in horse drawn carriages with the Royal procession taking place. The purpose of the event is to showcase tradition, pageantry, fashion and also style in a combination with the beautiful surroundings and environment at the Ascot. The prestige of the event is so profound that it has become a national institution and a centrepiece for the British social calendar. Alongside these side events is also the racing of horses, which has over four million pounds on offer in prize money, divided amongst a total of eighteen group races situated to take place over five days. Even more so, the opportunity for Royal Ascot betting sets up again for yet another medium for which people can further appreciate and participate in the event.

Ascot Gold Cup – Antepost Win and Each Way Odds

Royal Ascot BettingThe premise of gambling on horse racing is not unfamiliar to many people, especially those who live in the United Kingdom, where horse racing and horses in general have become a part of the culture and also represent a significant part of their heritage, where horses have been a symbol of wealthy and royal, as used by the royal family significantly. The Royal Ascot is considered by many one of the last ties to history and a representation of the past of Royals to signify the significance of their beginnings and the importance of the royal family. Royal Ascot betting takes place quite often and is generally revered as more illustrious and respectable than regular bookmaker bets on regular horse races.

Whilst over 300,000 people attend the Berkshire event, the high publicity and status of the event never fails to draw in a crowd and lure in numerous amounts of gamblers and punters. The consistency of the event itself is also one that takes pride, with the 5 days heavily scrutinized and each moment captivating audiences and representing a pure horse racing marvel. The entire event boils down to the final race, the Golden Jubilee Stakes. Not only this, as with many horse racing events, the fashion of the people is just as heavily scrutinised and allows for viewers to turn up to the race course and show off their fashion items.

Royal Ascot BettingThe Royal Ascot, so deeply entwined into the history of Berkshire itself does not look set to disappear any time soon. The allure of Royal Ascot betting is enough to consistently bring in a strong audience of gamblers, but the entire feel of the event never fails to impress and draw in a crowd, eager to bask in the glory of the old days and appreciate a fine time honoured sport.

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