Melbourne Cup Betting

Australia is perhaps one of the most marvelled countries in the world, with its mix of multiculturalism and varied lifestyle from the hustle and bustle of the United States and the seemingly well-defined culture of the United Kingdom. One thing that the country brings forward is the supreme talent in the sporting fields, which the country prides itself on. Not only does it produce some top athletes in all of the top competitions around the world but also plays host to some of the best events as well. One such event is horse racing and the extremely popular and famous Melbourne Cup event which takes place every year in the city of Melbourne and has shown to produce history setting trends and provide top quality horse racing. This year will be no different as the bookmakers get set for an extensive amount of Melbourne Cup betting in an effort to start off the event with a bang, as well as to hopefully leave some people with more money in their pocket and a smile on their face.

Melbourne Cup BettingInaugurated in 1861, the event takes place at the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Australia and has done so ever since it modest beginnings back in the 19th century. The length and distance of the track is 3,200 metres or 2 miles, which is perhaps one of the longer horse racecourse that professional racers have to endure. The length and difference of the field provides different odds and advantages that bookmakers are keen to take advantage of during Melbourne cup betting fever. The track is made of turf and races in a clockwise direction, with horses taking left turns. Whilst the qualification is for 3 year olds and with a weight handicap, this does not detract from the prestigious prize of over $6 million to the lucky winner of the event.

There are a number of different races that will take place during the event which will begin on November 3rd. 24 horses will be fielded and each will battle it out to become the supreme champion. Amongst the races available are the Emirates Airline Plate, Schweppes Tonic, MSS Security Sprint and perhaps the most prestigious of them all, the Melbourne Cup. Even though the event plays host to a variety of different races, the Melbourne Cup is the Holy Grail, proving them most prestigious and sought after event that will lift the winner to national and international stardom.

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Melbourne Cup BettingThe 7th race of 10 in the day, the Melbourne Cup has unveiled history in the past and exciting and captivated not only Australians but the world. Punters alike have enjoyed the marvels of horse racing, with no indication that Melbourne Cup betting will take a backseat during perhaps one of the biggest and most important racing and betting events taking place. Each year brings forth fun and excitement and 2012’s offering is just around the corner!