Irish Political Betting

Ireland has recently held their general elections towards the end of 2011. With that being behind them, most people interested in Irish political betting would think that there are only other markets open to bet on. But bookies never seem to run out of markets to open so people could bet on them. Come 2013, avid betters will be seeing more activity from the Irish again and so as early as now they can already place their bets.

Irish Political BettingCurrent Markets Open For Wagers

As early as now, bookmakers have made their services available to those who would want to bet this early. One of the leading markets that players would most likely put a wager on which would be the political party that would get the most number of seats in 2013. Although we would have to wait until January, we could already place our bets on either Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein, Labour or Green. Bookmakers for Irish political betting have also accepted who will be the next Taoiseach after the next election even if results are expected to come in December of 2013.

How Lucrative Is This?

When you think about it, you won’t get a return of your wagers until the results come in. That could be waiting until 2013 and we all know that political trends can change in an instant. But bookmakers want to make sure that people will have something to look forward to as the stakes go higher and competition gets tougher as the elections approach. Just recently, bookmakers were able to pay out a huge amount to those who had placed their bets on the current president. It could multiply almost ten times the bets you’ve made if you bet on the right candidate.

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The Odds Of Betting on Politics

Bookmakers have made their service very friendly to their avid players because they want them to come back and put wager on the markets that they’re offering. Players do not have to go some place else to study the odds of each candidate. They already indicate the odds on the site itself so comparing would be so much easy. For the more experienced player, they would also base their stakes on the news and surveys on whom or what could win in the next elections.

Irish Political BettingEase of Use Sites

Generally, political betting is a very uncomplicated task. You check the odds, put a wager and then you wait. You can also increase your wager especially when you feel that your candidate is a big shoo-in for the position. Although the next election is still several months away, Irish political betting has already streamed in wagers from people all around the world. Sites have been easier to use and a lot more informative especially now that this type of gambling has slowly been accepted widely by many.