Grand National Betting

The Grand National, also known by its simple name as The National is a world famous National Hunt horse race which is held in England. It is situated at Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool and is conducted annually. Particularly in England, horse racing is a time honoured sport and tradition that has strong routes to royalty as well as the cultural heritage of the country. As a result, there is a high amount of prestige for each and every horse racing event that gathers a high number of spectators and an audience. This large audience of eager onlookers has also produced a number of eager punters willing to get in on Grand National betting and take a chance at making some money in the process. The process of betting through sports events and even horse racing has become significantly easier over the years, and an increase in the venues that offer gambling odds have made it much more mainstream and acceptable amongst the sport.

Grand National BettingFounded by William Lynn, proprietor for the Waterloo Hotel as well as a syndicate head, he gained a lease on the Aintree (location for which the Grand National takes place) and began establishing a racecourse on the location as well as a grandstand for visitors to view from. The foundation stone was laid on February 7th, 1829 and some years after in what is estimated as 1836, the first race was conducted. There is however some speculation and scepticism towards other years and still unrest over the actual first official Grand National. Whilst back then there was no form of proper Grand National betting, the event still brought about a sizable crowd and with it forms of gambling towards the first ever Grand National events. There has not been any waver in the style of the event, maintaining itself as a three day meeting and one of four run at Aintree during the racing season. The even has and still remains as a handicap steeple chase that is left handed and on turf.

The event is still extremely popular today and has even brought about its own icons of the event. Ballabriggs, a well-known and respected racehorse amongst the community is a Grand National-winning National Hunt champion, and the most recent winner of the event, having odds of 14-1 and 20-1 before the race began. Despite these odds, the horse remained in the lading pack for the duration of the race before pulling forward and leaping ahead of the pack.

Grand National BettingHorse racing events are not like any other forms of gambling events, particularly sports that involve people. Whilst horse racing does involve human jockeys, the ability of the animals themselves can become somewhat unpredictable at times, providing a more interesting aspect to Grand National betting and providing an added element of surprise to the mix. Every year churns out more excitement and adventure, and with the 2012 event set to arrive this coming April, there is no doubt that it will go off with a sensational and jaw dropping bang.

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