Aintree Betting

The Aintree Racecourse situated in Aintree, Merseyside, England has been established since July 1829 and as the name suggests, provides residence for horse racing events. As with most racecourses, the significance of each is not held by the course itself but rather the events that are undertaken there. The Aintree is most prominently known for annually holding the world famous Grand National steeplechase, an event that pits numerous horses against each other in a race that has them bounding over fences in a feat of both speed, agility and also athletic prowess. Horse racing in itself is a marvellous sport that brings in a multitude of audiences members, from those looking to sport the latest fashions to serious punters and gamblers. Similar with any sport, there is always a form of betting and gambling taking place, and Aintree betting is not shy of this event. The added challenge of jumping fences provides a flavoursome twist to an already exciting event that captivates millions of people world-wide and allows the exemplary winner to show off much more skill and ability than regular horse racing.

Aintree BettingThe main event, the Grand National is run over 7 kilometres (4 ½ miles) and varies from soft ground to harder ground, adding an additional toll on stamina and also jump ability for the horses. Due to the nature of the event it is therefore considered that the Grand National that is undertaken at the Aintree is one of the most demanding of steeplechases, making it a prime location for Aintree betting that factor in more than just the horse’s speed and acceleration but also their stamina and capability of handling the elements.

The odds of winning are always hotly anticipated with many expecting certain horses to be more capable of competing in the event, but in the past however there have been some who have thrown a spanner into the works. One prime example is the 2009 winner, Mon Meme, astoundingly competed and won with odds at 100/1. Not only does this show that there is much more to the Grand National than many expect, it also shows that the gambling world can be blown apart by suck an event. Betting on the Grand National has also changed over the past few years, with online bookmakers coming into play and offering an excellent service to customers who wish to participate in the event. Not only do they provide peace of mind but also very favourable odds.

Aintree BettingThe Aintree Grand National is still an ever popular sport and event that manages to keep alive the time honoured tradition of horse racing in a country that is blessed with a marvel of cultural heritage and also lush environments. Aintree betting adds a modern touch to a special event and helps to bring in a wider audience and keep it alive, enticing more and more people to keep their heads and hearts focussed on a past time that is synonymous with the region and one that will be sorely missed if any changes were to take place.

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